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Matrimonial website development

Mind Global Tech has delivered matrimonial portal development services with numerous integrated features enabling users to leverage full advantage of the matrimonial services. Our fully functional matrimonial solutions offer almost every utility, users search for. The matrimonial web portals offered, have customized features for front end and back end users both:

The exclusive and user friendly matrimonial scripts are developed by a core group of web development and designing professionals using advanced programming languages including PHP and .Net. Our matrimonial applications are developed using PHP, .Net RDBMS, SQL, MySQL, Advance XML and DHTML.

We build easy-to-use, robust online matrimonial applications for our clients. Our matrimonial administrative components offer useful control and flexibility to users and administrators. At Brainpulse, we deliver our client full-featured and ready to implement matrimonial web sites in the very customized manner they want.

Matrimonial scripts are developed in php to create websites for planned marriages. This powerful online system is easy for the members to edit their profiles and for new users to navigate through the links.

Matrimonial script is a powerful PHP script exclusively for matrimony which is user-friendly in all bases including search, update, add/remove, and edit profiles from the database. Member registration includes feeding information like basic details, religious background, physical status, and profile insertion with a confirmation message. The matrimonial script includes features to login through id or email address along with finding forgotten password provision. The search feature of member id includes simple to complex functions where the member profile can accept updates including profile, photo, horoscope, change password and other interests.